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 It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to establish long-term business relations with the customers who are interested in our products. We will continue to play an active role in the all sector and to explore new opportunities  of doing business with people all over the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Quality assurance and costumer satisfaction are among our top priorities.

Kocyigit Construction Electric Co.,Ltd.

Ahmet Koçyiğit

General Manager

  • Contract, project, engineering, consultant services
  • Material, machine and equipment trading.
  • Automation systems with remote control  for doors, gates and rolling shutters
  • Architectural acoustic,
  • Provider of acoustical and thermal insulation materials. Foam underlays used underneath a concrete screed or wooden flooring to insulate between the floors of a building.
  • Provider of acoustic glass wool panels for suspended ceiling and walls
  • Noise control at underground stations.
  • Electric, electronic and communication.
  •  Provider of all rubber juncition boxes for power supply, E30 - fire proved junction box (BFA), all rubber installations boxes, mobile power supply boxes for central power support on the individual workbench, security switches and system disconnecting switches, safety  transformers, lower floor panel distributor/poller, aluminum energy columns, testing and measuring equipment, lighting, signal units, cable and cords, cable reels, wire links/hose bridges, plugs
  •  Provider of RF test equipment for the medical, RFID, telemetry, wireless, aviation, commercial, and two-way radio industries.
  • Provider of SCADA systems, data acquisition, monitoring,  supervisory control solutions, hardware and software products
  • Provider of  transformers :


110 V / 12 V

 230V / 12 V  underwater, (IP68)

 230 V / 36 V

 110 V / 230 V

 230 V / 12 V DC

 230 V / 110 V

 230 V / 3 V - 21 V

 230 V / 12 V DC IP65

 Portable transformers

 230 V / 12 V

  230 V / 24 V

 Isolating transformers IP44, 230V / 230V, 800–2000–3500 VA

 230V / 12V   waterprotected, (IP54)

 230 V / 30 V DC

Custom design, max.5 kVA




  • Construction of the A.Ü.Veterinary Faculty Resarch and application farm,
  • Ministry of  Village Affairs Directoate General Roads, Water, Electricity, construction of the facilities at Nevşehir province,
  • Motorways at Konya and Trabzon districts,
  • General Directorate of Highways 13 th. Divison Antalya-Burdur motorway,
  • Construction of pharmacology, histology, bio chemistry, virology and water products department buildings of the school of A.Ü. Veterinary Medicine.
  • The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Edirne-Kapıkule costoms facilities,
  • Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone Asphalt roads,
  • The school construction at Saudi Arabia
  • GSM mobil telephone base stations  at Ankara, Nevşehir and Kayseri province
  • Ankara Municipality, General Directorty Of EGO, Department Of Urban Planning and Rail Systems : Acoustic simulations at the Söğütözü - Bilkent - ODTÜ stations.
  • Ankara Municipality, General Directorty Of EGO, Department Of Urban Planning and Rail Systems : Noise control analysis at the Fatih station.



Recently, it has been understood that to maintain noise control using one-value dB is handicapped and the studies has been started to use noise control curves aiming to take precautions for the problems due to frequencies. As to the architecture, the studies are not sufficient on this subject. Especially for the special buildings, which have tight relations between disciplines, it is necessary to analyse frequency bands in order to control noise due to frequency.

Special systems, which are established by bringing different disciplines together, called special buildings. In these buildings that have special identities, sound is also part of the system and needs acoustic appropriate with the identities. Today, the grouped of building according to noise sensitivity is getting importance. Frequency band analysis of buildings is important, for the grouping into the groups. Here we will deal with only the importance of frequency band analysis in special building. 

In this study, Kizilay station was taken as an example of special buildings and frequency analysis were done and noise criteria for interior are proposed. When the test result compared against the criteria, serious problems were found at 500 – 1000 Hz. frequencies on Saturday and Mondays.

Every sound can be noise with respect to time, usage or personality. Nowadays, limits of noise studies are improving and acceptable noise limits are adapted to the people life style and comfort and special building automation. Here, noise control will be deal with the frequency band analysis into two way. First way is, grouping rooms according to usage and sensitivity. Second way is the controlling acceptable noise limits according to frequency band analysis with the help of NC and NR curves.

1.) Especially in the “special buildings”, noise control studies are depended on intensity and frequency. Special buildings are divided into 4 groups (Kocyigit, F. B. Doctorate Thesis 2003, Ankara, Turkey). AG1(Acoustical Group)  is the group of “Special Buildings”, which main function is directly related with sound. At AG2; main function of the building is used as warning and orientation. For AG3; sound is considered as an ambient noise. AG4 are high sensitive area for sound. Need special techniques for control. Here frequency bands analysis for noise control is very important.

Initially, special buildings can be divided into two groups according to acceptable noise limits. First group is Sound Acceptable Area (SAA). includes AG1 and AG2. Concert Halls, show rooms, religious buildings are in the SAA-AG1. Second group is Sound Unacceptable Area (SUA), includes AG3 and AG4. Socially sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools etc. are in the SUA-AG3. Sensitive areas in terms of sound control are telecommunication studios, Audiology rooms, and high technology areas, “clever buildings” are “special buildings” which in the group of SUA-AG4. So architectural and interior design are directly effected by the sound source and frequency bands analysis for sound control.

2.)  Many special buildings have big and acoustically conflict area. They have several corridors, entrance to open different characteristic area and so on which create difficulties to the principle of room acoustics. Additionally there are to many sound sources. If special buildings are also public areas, there are to many different types of frequencies. These can be from machines, direct communication with people or communication from announcements.

One of the another acoustical problems is the “acoustical image”, which have reflected characters on the walls, ceiling and floor. The reasons for these problems are; a) serve to the mass of people in the city, materials subjects to frequent use must be hard and durable, b) several different geometry like corridors, open spaces c) different frequency sound which coming with fluctuating effect from other end of corridors.  All these problems effect the control of sound in the special buildings.

Filiz Bal KOÇYİĞİT                         

Assoc.Prof. Architect